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International Association of Scientific Innovation and Research (IASIR) is a non-profit international organization that promotes the development and enhancement of research in various discipline of engineering, management as well as their interaction to applied sciences. The mission of IASIR is to encourage interdisciplinary research in state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies within its areas of expertise. IASIR brings together scientists, researchers, students and academicians from all over the world who work professionally to upgrade status of human society by their ideas and research Potential. IASIR persuades the research and development of innovative technology through excellence in education, research, service and practices. Through consistent services in research and development, this association successfully builds up strong correlation with academicians, scientists, researchers and industrial practitioners. It is now esteemed as the brand name of quality and service among its peers. IASIR demonstrates a great interest in the nourishment of young scientists and their intellectual grooming. This association also provides the platform for the researchers to publish their research in peer reviewed journals ranging from computer science, electronics, biotechnology, management and applied sciences. IASIR organizes international conferences, seminars, publishes journals and books and carries out autonomous scientific and engineering research or collaborates with universities and state or private research centers and institutions. IASIR recognizes outstanding contribution of any individual or organization. IASIR has the following double blind peer-reviewed, refereed and indexed scientific research journals:
All accepted papers will be published online and in printed forms. All the accepted papers of the journals will be processed for indexing into different citation databases that track citation frequency/data for each paper. These citation databases include:

The papers are invited for International IASIR Journals for the June-August 2019 issues with following deadlines :

(ii) Author Notification: Within 15-20 days of submission,
(iii) Date of Parallel Publication:Within 03 days after depositing processing fee,

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