About us
The main objective of IASIR journals is to spread innovative scientific research and excellence in knowledge and ideas. This association has turned out to be an eminent supporter for the research communities. This association has a wide range of open access journals. This association is working as an independent research body for the realization of innovative scientific theories and research practices to overlay the gap between the academician, researchers and industrial experts. The key objectives of IASIR journals are as follows: -
  • To provide a platform for spreading of research outputs and activities in computer science, electronics, biotechnology, management and applied sciences and other related fields.
  • To distribute knowledge and ideas among the engineers and scientists in an efficient manner.
  • To raise the research interest among scientists by providing the research grants and trained them for the interdisciplinary skills.
  • To keep the strong eye on the content of research papers and ensure the implementation of copyright and intellectual property law.
  • To raise the standards of refereed scientific journals for the quality publication.
  • To produce the genuine, realistic and qualitative innovations.
  • To build a team of renowned specialists on one platform throughout the world.
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